High School Musical Soundtrack is a winner

I don’t know if you’ve seen High School Musical, one of Disney Channel’s original movies, but if you haven’t and you’ve got kids, you owe it to yourself to watch it with them. It’s a really touching story and has some great songs that almost drive you to sing along.

My daughter watches it over and over. She’s only five but anything musical or dance related really touches her emotionally and with the kids in this movie being so sweet it was almost a given that it would be a hit for her.

Today I bought the soundtrack, thinking it would be nice for her to listen to the songs in the car (the movie is a modern day musical, so the songs themselves are fully at the forefront of the movie, unlike the backing tracks that make up a lot of movie soundtracks). Was I right or what, and it showed me again how deeply she feels her emotions.

As the first song began (I was watching her in the rear vision mirror so as not to distract her), she got this really gentle smile on her face and her eyes half closed in enjoyment. She then proceeded to sing the song – syllable-perfect, word for word – in its entirety. As she got to the second verse where they sing about how the world is so much brighter with the other by their side, her eyes glistened with tears as she sang with such feeling. I think the last half of the song was sung with her eyes closed, head tilted back and a beautiful joy on her face.

When the song finished, she sighed, opened her eyes and looked at me and said "that song is when Gabriella and Troy meet for the first time" with such conviction I knew she totally understood what the song was about and how it fit into the story and how it made her feel to know that they had found someone they could be close to. Remember, she’s only five! Such a mature insight and deeply felt emotions – it was my special privelege, a proud father’s one, to see her like that. It’s the moments like those that really hit you at the core of being a parent and remind you of what’s most important.

I didn’t really have a big point about making this post – just wanted to share it because it touched me so deeply.

(If you want to see some pictures she’s drawn in the past, take a look at my wife’s semi-blog at GAMEparents)

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