New phone, new life

In this day and age, it seems that a mobile phone is an integral part of your life, and often reveals something about your own personality. You get to choose brand, make and model, size, shape, weight, colour and functionality. Depending on what you want out of your phone, your choices become limited but you usually still have choices, which therefore allows you to customise it to how you live.

And the fun doesn’t stop when you get the phone either, because then you get to customise the heck out of it with ringtones, applications and games, contact lists, synchronisation with your computer, and so on.

Well, that "fun" is where I am currently at, having purchased a new phone this week. My previous Nokia died last week, and I had been planning on getting a SmartPhone anyhow (friends know I’ve been keen to get an i-mate SP5 for almost six months). The death of my previous phone and a few incidents requiring the urgent use of a mobile that just coincidentally happened at the same time, pushed the priority up quite a few notches.

After consulting with Tony Gray, a great mate of mine, I figured I would be looking at something around $500-600 for a second hand one on ebay, so I went, hand on wallet ready to pay. But when I first looked there was only two listings – one for $600 and one for $100 with a majorly scratched screen. I IM’d Tony again to discuss with him my options and he said what about this one and pointed me to an auction that had been listed in between me looking at ebay and messaging him.

It was a couple months old (the phone, not the auction, obviously) and was on for $400, or Buy It Now (BIN) $450. It even included a 1Gb SD card which I would normally expect to pay another $50 or so for. Everything looked great. The guy was even in Sydney so I had a good chance of getting it quickly. After a quick check with the financial controller (courtesy really, I’d pretty much made up my mind), I bought the phone with the BIN option. I emailed the seller, asking for his location on the off chance I could come and pick it up and save myself $20 for delivery.

Turned out he was working in the city which made it awkward now that I’m out in Ryde at Microsoft’s main office, so I thanked him but had resolved myself to the fact that I would need to pay for delivery. Turned out I didn’t need to. He replied immediately, telling me that his flatmate actually worked at Microsoft and that he could bring it into the office the next day!

Even better, his flatmate turned out to be Scott Fletcher, a guy I know well from my journalism side of things. Sure enough, the next morning I was able to hand over my cash for an almost brand-new SP5.

And I love it! There are still some things I’m getting used to, but having a phone that I can develop my own applications for is brilliant, and with the USB connection to the PC serving both recharge and synchronisation functions, it means I will be able to keep my contacts and appointments in sync (the last phone I had needed two different connections for recharging which basically meant I never synchronised because I was either out and needing the phone, or at home and charging it).

So now I’m in the "fun" zone – setting up ring tones, organising the file structure the way I like it, looking for little apps that I can install and so on.


PS. Yes, I am going to talk about my trip to Newcastle to see INXS. It’s just taking a little longer to get it all down.

I’m currently listening to Money by Pink Floyd (from 100 Greatest Guitar Solos).

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