Professional Visual Studio 2005 – get your copy now

Well, not only has Amazon now updated the status of my latest book as being released, I also got the PDF version from Wiley this morning and it feeeeeeels good. πŸ™‚

Seriously though, the book looks great and I am glad it’s finally out there for people to rip to shreds. Try not to hurt my feelings TOO much – it was a major epic to write and completely drained me for five months – way more than the financial reward could ever hope to cover.

Special thanks to my co-author, Nick Randolph, for putting up with me and fellow Readifians, Mitch Denny, Greg Low and Darren Neimke, for their advice during the process.

Click this Amazon link to buy it online.

I’m currently listening to Starship Trooper (a. Life Seeker ; b. Disillusion ; c. Wurm) by Yes (from 100 Greatest Guitar Solos).

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