Farewell mate, you were a great man

I’ve just heard the news about Peter Brock and am feeling quite low. This guy was a great ambassador for car racing as well as being a nice guy who always seemed to go out of his way for others.

I don’t want to say much here – just pass on a thought:

Australia has lost two great celebrities this week doing things they loved, Steve Irwin killed by a freakish stingray attack, and now Peter Brock in a car accident. Somehow I don’t think either of these guys would regret performing the actions that caused their deaths. It was in their nature to live life to the full in their own way and they didn’t let much stop them.

As a result, while both have had their lives cut short, they did things they loved rather than being boxed in by other people’s rules, and weren’t scared of taking a risk. They’ve also made a huge impact on many people, inspiring others to do what they dreamed.

When you live your life, are you scared of taking a risk? What’s better?

  • to live a life full of fear, wondering if the next step you take is going to be your last and therefore trying to avoid taking it,
  • or live a life full of joy, embracing the unknown and the challenging, and knowing that if your next step is your last, you’ll go happy with your life.

I’m currently listening to See You In A Year by Aquanox (from Version 2.0).

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One Response to Farewell mate, you were a great man

  1. Suz says:

    Well said!!!

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