Good on Microsoft

The European Union has been on Microsoft’s back about anti-competitive practices for the past several years and most recently has been warning Microsoft that they better be careful about Vista in case it requires the same anti-trust investigation that Windows XP did.

So what does Microsoft do? Simple – it told Europe that they would have to wait for their version of Vista to be customised while the rest of the world will get theirs on time. All of a sudden European businesses and politicians are putting pressure on the European Commissioner for Competition, saying "The commission’s actions are endangering the ability of European businesses to compete globally… [this will] put European companies at a competitive disadvantage with every other company around the world that does have access to these new technologies."

It looks like that simple decision by Microsoft will help Europe decide what takes priority – insisting in only having software in the form they want or being on a par with the rest of the world.

I’m listening to Walk Through The Fire (KMN OMWF Remix) by BtVS Cast (from the album Buffy – Once More With Feeling – The Remix Edition).

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