Progress and none

Just a quick personal note tonight…

We went over to the house we’re building and got a good look at how it’s progressing. There is definitely been a lot of movement since the last time I saw it (the bricks were only partially on the first level). I snapped a couple of pics to show it off.

However, we discovered that someone in their own weird sense of logic had decided to put an air-conditioning duct from the back part of the house, through the middle of the wall in my office – in the most inconvenient spot imaginable. Seriously, it’s smack bang in the middle of the only un-interrupted wall. We’ll have to get onto the builder first thing tomorrow to sort it out because at the moment, it’s looking like it’s destroying the room’s lines completely. I just can’t understand why they would think it would be acceptable except to think they were being lazy.

The other "lack of progress" I would like to complain about tonight is Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Admittedly, they’re just copping the brunt of my frustration for their automated service today, because others have done it in the past, but it’s still something that just flabbergasts me as a programmer.

What happened is that my Xbox Live renewal came up and they automatically tried to deduct from the credit card we have in the system. No problem, except that the expiry date on the card is 09/2006. What this means is that at the END of September 2006, the card expires, and any real life merchant actually knows this. Even half the online credit card brokers understand this. Unfortunately, half is not all, and so I got a notice saying that I needed to change my credit card if I expected my Live account to continue.

I am not happy to post another credit card number over the web – that’s what this one is for. I also don’t have the replacement card yet – I know it’s due, but the issuer always leaves it ’til about 2 weeks before the expiry date. And it’s an automated system with some bad programming behind it where someone has coded something like Date < Expiry Date rather than Date <= Expiry Date. Easy to fix assuming you know where to look. So, what do I do?


I’m listening to Every Breath You Take by The Police (from the album Rock and Roll Top 500).

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One Response to Progress and none

  1. Leon says:

    >coded something like Date < Expiry Date rather than Date <= Expiry Date. Easy to fix assuming you know where to look. So, what do I do?
    hi andrew. as an interim measure, just email me your new credit card number and i\’ll make sure it\’s taken care of 😉
    .: :.

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