A proud dad and his daughter

So, I took the week off work last week to spend some much needed "quality time" with my kids. One chunk of that time was spent driving to Tamworth to give Ashleigh the chance to compete in the NSW Country Gymnastics Championships.

She competed in the Level 1 Junior category for Rhythmic Gymnastics, which means she completed three different routines – freehand with no apparatus, ball and rope (for those who are wondering, hoop and ribbon come at later stages).

She did extremely well but didn’t manage to snag an official placing in any of the events. Comparing her performances to the last competition a few months ago, she’s improved immensely and when you take into consideration that she’s not quite 6 yet, to be mature enough to complete all three routines without any major errors (like dropping the ball, tripping over or forgetting a move), it’s easy to see why I’m a very proud dad today.

I’ve included a few photos below from her session (that we’ll be ordering from the professional photographer).

They’re now talking about promoting her to Level 2, which will mean hoop comes into the equation (which she is over the moon about).

Oh, and to add an extra bit of colour, we got a flat tyre just out of Tamworth on our way home, so between the effort of unloading the entire boot (trunk, for you Americans) of luggage, changing the tyre to the "kiddie tyre", limping back to town and organising a new tyre to be thrown on the car, we added a couple of hours to an already very long trip – we started our departure around noon and didn’t get home ’til around 7.15pm – I was a bit weary by the end of it but I fell in love with the the cruise control system we installed in my car in the process.

I’m currently listening to Generation by Aquanox (from V2.0). 

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One Response to A proud dad and his daughter

  1. Michael says:

    Love the pics, Andy!

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