Almost there…

Well, we’re almost there – just over a week to go and I think you can say definitively that we all have mo’s. Daniel’s just doesn’t show up well enough due to the light colour of his hair, but he definitely has a good growth happening. Rob’s obviously feeling grumpy, the rest of us are pretty much par for the course this week.
I will say that I would love to be shaving mine off – I am doing this for Movember not enjoyment. Don’t think that this is fun.
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2 Responses to Almost there…

  1. Unknown says:

    I\’ve always wondered what you\’d look like with a mustache.  Unfortunately, can\’t say that I like it.   I think the   Van Dyke look is still best.
    Happy Belated Birthday!  You\’re turning 41 this year, right??  🙂  I can feel the smack coming across the ocean.
    The new house looks amazing!   If I ever have enough $$, I\’m coming to visit.  I could use a LONG vacation one of these years.
    I started my own little jewelry biz, created a web presence, etc etc.  []  I\’m working on small changes which will eventually end up in the realm of larger changes. 
    Give my best to Glenda, and the kids.  

  2. Unknown says:

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