Yay! It’s done… well kinda

Well, we did the official handover of our house yesterday. It’s now ours to do with what we will.

Except for the list of 19 things outstanding that is. One of which is the driveway which means we can’t actually get to the garage and the removalists will have to come in the back way. Another is that the gas is not on yet, so we look like we’ll be having cold showers for around a week (and hopefully that’s all and we get it on before Christmas!).

Another hole I find myself in is the dreaded downtime for the internet – I started the ball rolling with our ISP (at least I thought I had) over a week ago but after many phone calls and emails it is only this morning that they’ve confirmed that we have lodged our relocation. That means minimum 3-5 working days from now before ADSL gets connected at the new address, which in turn means we’ll be on dial up for at least a couple of days.


Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long!

Still, bloody fantastic feeling to be finally in the house. We’re hoping to live here for the long haul and the variety of rooms are already getting us excited about possibilities. I need to have all of our existing furniture in the house before I decide on what else we need, while Glenda wants to order now. 🙂

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