W00T! Games room almost done!

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting the house in order. Unfortunately for me, that means getting everything ELSE in order first, and then I can get on to my own "space".

Because I work from home at least part of the time, I wanted a good sized space that was separate from the rest of the house to be able to shut myself away in to get the job done. When we were designing the house, we decided on a two room office, and because we could, we made the rooms nice and, er… roomy. 

The end result for one of the rooms is shown in the photos in this post. The "games room" is where I can test out review games, store my gadgets and cabling and generally time out from the work in the other room. The two rooms (the other one is still half a mess so I’m not happy for it to be out in public yet), are intentionally different in style so that I can get a different perspective on something I’m working on.

Those that know me well, know that I’ll work in a flurry and then down tools to think about a particular problem, or way to phrase something when I’m writing, and that down time could be a decent amount of time just letting the juices flow in the back of my brain. The games room allows me to do that and then easily segue back into the work room and get back to coding or writing.

Perfect plan and it turns out that it’s feeling good so far. Even with the work room only half done, there’s plenty of space around the work desks so I don’t feel cramped by the "to be dealt with" pile, and with the games room done to the point where I can get everything where it’s meant to go, it’s something that I can mentally tick off the to do list that’s hanging around in my brain.

The only things left to do in there are getting the doors for those cupboards, and getting one more cupboard to go alongside those two for power and network cabling.

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4 Responses to W00T! Games room almost done!

  1. Trish says:

    Wow that room\’s awesome, I want a room like that! I like the SW lego men on the walls, the other dudes are a bit freaky though. I think you need some kind of big awesome picture above the TV though, maybe a really cool games poster of some sort. Something big and colourful that takes up half the wall.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah, you\’re right. I normally paint murals on my walls and I cheated this time around with the video game characters. Once I get the time I might actually do a complete collage right across that whole wall of scenes from stuff…

  3. Rob says:

    I reckon a projector would go nicely in this room!!

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