…and one more to finish it off for tonight

One more post to finish off tonight’s little journey through the house. This time the photos are of the guest room and the library area at the top of the stairs. The guest room is done – nothing else to do here, move along quietly please.

The library area is nowhere near finished. I’ve got half the bookcases up, but there’s at least two more to come and then there’ll be loading them all up with books too along with the tough decision about what books won’t make it on to shelves.

The other decision not made about this room is what to do about seating. There’s actually enough room to get a small two-seater sofa bed, which I thought we might be able to position in such a way as to allow a broad thoroughfare from the stairs to the bedrooms, while it’s encircled by the bookcases, but not totally sure if it will make the area too crowded.

That’s pretty much it for upstairs besides my main office (which is way too messy for public consumption as yet), so I will probably move on to downstairs areas next.

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One Response to …and one more to finish it off for tonight

  1. Rob says:

    Hmm.  How many PCs do you plan on putting into the office?  It looks a little cramped from the photos, but I imagine it\’s bigger than I can see.  Reckon you could easily network about 4 PCs with a couple of nice big 22" LCD monitors.  What\’s your plan re: wireless networking?

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