Life in Context

You really have to get your life in context.
The day I found out I didn’t get my dream job, I also found out that my daughter’s brain scan showed up some stuff that the doctors were concerned about.
The day I got the ingrown toenail on my big toe cut out, complete with multiple needles, I also found out that a friend was dying of cancer.
Then my toe got infected, and the day I got that dealt with, I discovered yet someone else I know of was dying of cancer.
Today I was running late because of all my toe-related stuff which involves a convoluted process of soaking, drying, disinfecting and bandaging. Still, I thought I’d have an easy trip in because I’d miss peak hour traffic. It was not to be because of an accident on the Hawkesbury River Bridge. Thinking the warnings were for something that was probably "minor" (every couple of months someone decides to drive off the side of the road and scrapes the rock face on the side), I do admit to mildly grumbling. Not hugely – I’ve learnt to deal with my anger and frustration a little better these days, so it was a minor irritation that I quickly dealt with.
But when I got to the scene I was confronted with this image. Well, to be accurate first I saw a mangled ladder that had fallen off the back of something (not in picture), then the front of the truck, then the car, then the ute/small truck that wasn’t quite recognisable (also not in picture), then the semi that had lost that front you see in the photo (oh, and the half dozen police cars, two fire engines and other emergency vehicles – all not in shot).
My morning – in context – is great. My life – in context – is great.
Just gotta remind yourself about the blessings you get every day and the enormity of the struggle others go through around you compared to your own.
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2 Responses to Life in Context

  1. Trish says:

    It never rains but it pours, right? Glad you can still stay positive and put things in context after all that\’s happened lately. And I really hope your daughter is okay.

  2. Jenelle says:

    God has a funny way of reminding us of this doesn\’t he.
    Keep remembering – He never puts us in situations we can\’t cope with. Use situations like this as a time to thank Him for his Love and devotion to us. And to pray for those who are having a harder time of life than we are.

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