A new chapter begins

Those who know me know I love a good challenge and I crave an ever changing work style. Bogged down, doing the same old thing every day, saps the energy from my soul. LOL, I can’t even face having the same thing to eat every day – I love adventure and change.
While working at Readify as a Senior Consultant has certainly fulfilled part of that ever-present desire by giving me challenging projects, working with interesting clients, at its core, the work I’ve been doing has been more of the same – development work.
Excitingly that’s coming to an end without losing the great almost-family group of colleagues I have found at Readify – what more could I want – a REAL change in my work that doesn’t make me stop dealing with the people I work with and highly respect. This week, the Readify board voted to accept me into the management team of the company, as Marketing Manager.
I don’t see this as being a traditional, MBA-based, let’s-focus-on-the-business-in-isolation-to-what-we-actually-do, gig, but a technically based position that uses that technical knowledge and understanding in combination with analysing what customers need to build Readify into an even better organisation to work with (and work for). I’ll be looking at our current product and service offerings, seeing how we can expose them more and determine what we need to be looking at doing next.
One thing I have always loved about Readify is the honesty of the people there. If someone doesn’t know something, they’ll tell you. If someone believes we’re missing something, they’ll tell you. If someone doesn’t like how we’re doing something, they’ll tell you. So, I’m looking forward to working in this role and being able to highlight areas of weakness so we can enhance the company’s offerings to bolster up those spots while promoting our strengths as the same time.
I’m a people person, I like finding solutions to people’s problems. In my previous jobs as developer, consultant, architect, etc, I’ve done this by trying to help customers by designing and implementing the technical solutions they need and want as opposed to what would be easiest for me as a developer. I’ve also done this by looking for conflict and trying to resolve it, whether it’s company-to-client or internal to the company I’m working for.
This Marketing Manager role will allow me find solutions in a very new way. I’m really excited to take this opportunity and I’m keen to grab on to it with both hands and make a start. There are so many possibilities and SO MUCH stuff to do already, it’s exactly where I want to be – in the deep end, swimming like mad. 🙂
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