BCC – whoa, what is it good for?

Darren Neimke, our ever thoughtful Development Centre Manager, posed the question of when BCC should be used (if ever) in your email communications. Mitch Denny responded with several scenarios he thought up where the use of BCC might be appropriate. I’ve got a couple more to add to the mix.
  1. You’ve been asked by your manager or boss to email someone, perhaps a client. Wanting to protect their privacy, you BCC them so they know you did what they asked, but that the recipient doesn’t get their details.
  2. You want to post to a list of people, and include management for reference. Not wanting management to have their inboxes clogged by a mess of Reply Alls, you BCC them. Again, it’s not intended as a weapon but respect for your boss(es).

There are probably other exceptions to the rule as well, but I agree with both Darren and Mitch in that people tend to use it as a weapon, consciously or otherwise. I admit to doing this in the past but in a virtualised company where the bulk of your communication is electronic, you need a level of trust that only constant open communication gives you.

Keep us thinking, Darren! 

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2 Responses to BCC – whoa, what is it good for?

  1. Bruce says:

    The main use for BCC is when you want to send an email to all your clients, and you still want to keep the list of who your clients are to yourself.

  2. Bruce says:

    That was me 🙂

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