GrandCentral – a new way of doing the phone

I just discovered GrandCentral, a phone management service. This thing looks really cool and I wish we could get it here in Australia. Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. One number for all of your phones, regardless of carrier or type. This would allow me to give out a single number that I can have diverted to my mobile, my office number or my home number depending on where I am. This has two benefits – I can give people a single number rather than a whole list of them and I don’t have to give them my REAL home phone.
  2. A visualised voicemail system that not only includes who called you but from where (if the number isn’t blocked), the duration of each voicemail and the ability to tag it with a brief note for later reference.
  3. The ability to email someone who left you a voicemail. This obviously requires a link between email address and phone number but once set up you can easily send them a note to let them know you got their voicemail and will call them back as appropriate.
  4. While we’re on the subject of voicemail, you have one centralised voicemail system for all your phones and you have the ability to auto forward to an email address of your choice.
  5. You can switch a call between two phone systems. So, you’re home, receive a call but you’re about to go out. You can take the call at home, then when you’re about to hit the streets, switch the call over to your mobile phone and keep on talking. And if you’re still going when you get to the office you can switch it there too.
In a virtualised office, where you need to be mobile, I would use pretty much all of these features. Shame I can’t get it here yet.
Edit: I added a link to GrandCentral.
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One Response to GrandCentral – a new way of doing the phone

  1. John Kitchen says:

    I\’m so with you.  There was a service provided by Telstra called OneNumber (originally Telepath) which did a lot of this, but they stopped taking new customers a few years ago and they\’re soon going to discontinue it altogether.  Can\’t wait for GrandCentral or a similar service to come to Oz.

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