The cake

It was Jake’s birthday this weekend which meant that I couldn’t make it to CodeCampOz with the rest of the Readify boys. But keeping with my geek theme this week, I wanted to make him a cake that he would get a kick out of. So, I baked up a big block cake then proceeded to cut it to pieces.
He was a little distraught until he realised it was taking shape (or is that shapes?) into something he recognised. After applying some icing and really basic decorations he had a Nintendo DS Lite, a Gameboy Advance and an Xbox controller. For reference, besides the actual baking time, this cake took about 20 minutes to cut, ice and decorate, so it’s a really easy option for anyone with gamerKids. If I had more time, I probably would have used different icing and I would have definitely found a better icing gel than the black one I had (which ran on a couple of the D-pads), but overall they were pretty cool.
And most importantly, Jake loved it, as did his friends who came over. We took the five of them out for all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, followed by ten pin bowling and then back to our place for the cake, pool and Xbox 360.
So, that makes this week a real geeky time:
  • Was interviewed by Nick Hodge for GeekStories.
  • Did a rant about Disney portraying video games as "not good".
  • Played Clubhouse Games with my kids at a doctors surgery on our three Nintendo DS handhelds.
  • GamerGeek cake making (this blog post).
  • Decided that GAMEparents was too important to close down and am giving it one more go.
  • Played heaps of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 – favourites were Guitar Hero II and Burnout Revenge.
  • Ordered a new board game that looks awesome – Descent: Journeys In The Dark. 🙂
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One Response to The cake

  1. Blair says:

    I know where you are coming from Andrew I too had big plans to be at CodeCampOZ but my little boy had his 5th birthday party on the weekend so I couldn\’t make it. Hopefully things line up a bit better next year and we can both make it. I\’ll keep your cake idea in mind, I like the fact it took 20min to assemble.

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