WPF Training at its best

Readify are a great company to work for. This week has been my first week in the new role of Marketing Manager and if there was one thing I learnt over anything else it was that I have a lot more to learn! However, while I’m learning, I’m also having a blast, being given the privelege of getting the message out about what we do as a company. 
One of those things we "do" is put on awesome training sessions called Industrial Strength. Each Industrial Strength programme is designed to accelerate the knowledge of attendees in a particular technological area and is taught by high profile individuals who are also highly experienced and just downright smart.
The last one we ran was for WCF, one of the three core components in .NET 3.0, and was presented by Juval Lowy. It was well attended and presented a huge amount of information in just five days.
Well, hot on its heels is our next course, Applied WPF. It will run over a single week at the end of April – April 23-27 2007 – in Sydney and we’re flying in Ian Griffiths from Pluralsight to get the message across that WPF is not only something that looks cool, but it’s something that developers need to come to grips with for the next phase of development concepts.
I know I’m biassed because I work for the company but this course is one I am really looking forward to – my only concern is that people might miss out because others get in first. Hopefully if it sells out we’ll be able to follow it up with additional stuff later on this year in time for the release of Orcas.
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