SharePoint – how do I use that thing?

If you’re like I was when I first saw SharePoint, you’ve probably been thinking with trepidation about the latest version and whether it’s worth upgrading to or developing for. I’ve now been using it for the past month and I can say with a resounding sound, YES, it is most definitely worthy.

If you’re a developer using .NET tools in a corporate environment you owe it to yourself to get up to speed as quickly as possible with the under-the-covers awesomeness you can get out of SharePoint. And, fortunately for you, Readify [yes, I’m still the Marketing Manager there and yep, this is a promotional blog post] has their latest MasterClass in a couple of weeks.

Building SharePoint 2007 Solutions is being presented by Patrick Tissegham of u2u and is a full five day Masterclass from June 18 to 22. It’s totally worth it and all attendees will get a copy of his book (Inside MOSS 2007) as well as another Microsoft Press title, Inside WSS 3.0 by Ted Pattison. Head over to for heaps more information about this course and others we’re putting on.

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