TechEd, Frank Arrigo and what it all means

Well, I just had an absolutely awesome TechEd up on the Gold Coast! I was tasked with the job of organising Readify’s presence this year and I am currently on the biggest high from how well things went. All of the Readify guys were awesome and were always willing to pitch in, the stand was fantastic, the brochures and flyers looked great, we launched TFS Now! ( and RDN (Readify Developer Network –
On a personal note, one of the highlights for me was the farewell to Frank. A little pet project of mine – – which I got started with the help of Michael Kordahi ( and Mitch Denny ( – was featured in a presentation to the "Rock Star of the Microsoft Developer Community" and is plastered on the back of these really cool T-shirts that some of us lucky souls received. Frank himself received a framed version of the shirt and has already been actively reading through the posts and well wishes made over at the site. Hopefully now that we’ve gone public with it and no longer need to hide it from him, we’ll be able to get even more of the community signing their names to show Frank the respect he has earned over the years he has been involved with us all.
Frank has been an inspiration for me through my many guises in the IT industry – journalist, author, developer, marketing manager… he always has some great advice to give and it’s always worth mulling over.
Frank – I wish you the best!
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One Response to TechEd, Frank Arrigo and what it all means

  1. Frank says:

    i absolutely love it
    many many thanks
    thanks again

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