Family US Holiday – Day 5 – Huzzah! Excalibur

Today was our trip to Excalibur and it was a great one. Because we’d spent the day relaxing yesterday, the kids were relaxed and full of energy – perfect timing for a trip to a medieval castle full of fun things to do and see.

We caught the shuttle down to New York New York and without missing a beat crossed the bridge over to the castle hotel. When we got there the kids were keen to have a photo to prove that they’d been there, so here it is.

The kids in front of Excalibur 

Once we got inside, we took some more pics, grabbed the tickets for the Feast of Kings and then walked past a woman doing the "I’ll guess your weight or you get a prize" trick. The kids were keen – well Ashleigh was – so I paid the $5 and let her take a swing at it. She was way off – quite a bit lower actually. I secretly suspect that they do it on purpose – the stuffed animals won’t cost them that much and if it keeps people in the casino it’s worth it to them. Anyhow, Ashleigh picked a small stuffed flying dragon and we moved on (small being the key word as you’ll find later)

We traipsed upstairs looking for the buffet as we thought we’d try one on for size. It was probably the best meal we had in Vegas. Fresh fruit, vegetables, great salads, all you can eat, meats were juicy and tender, Asian and Italian dishes were great. Jacob and Ashleigh both found plenty to eat, and we could even take a few pieces of fruit with us – good for Jacob who has been suffering from food deprivation with his taste "issues". Everything was just perfect for us.

After lunch we encountered another one of those "guess my weight" stations. This time Ashleigh walked away with a stuffed flying unicorn – yep, they went way low again.

A rare photo of me – in the foyer of Excalibur 

We had a couple of hours so headed over to the Luxor. Along the way we found a shop that sold all things dragon-related which I fell in love with. I managed to walk away with a few t-shirts and a book and Glenda with a fixed grin. She eventually got me to the inside of the Luxor which is amazing.

I never realised, but the inside of the pyramid is hollow with just a single strip of rooms running around all four sides and balconies overlooking the main casino and entertainment areas. As the levels get higher, they get ever closer together until they finally meet at the very top. This means everyone, no matter what floor they’re on, gets a view of down below – very cool.

We strolled through the front foyer and out to the monorail station so we could take a few photos.

In the foyer area of Luxor 

The Sphinx-replica was great and it was here that we got our only photos of the whole family – hopefully this will change at Disney with the official photographers everywhere.

Woohoo! A pic with the whole family! 

Finally it was time to get back to Excalibur and the Feast of Kings. We had a little time to spare when we got to the front door so let the kids try to win a few coupons at the arcade and then we got ushered into the feast hall.

It was – in a word – fantastic. We were seated at long benches and served our food in bowls and platters with no cutlery in sight. Tankards of drinks were supplied as well to add to the feel. The food included soup, whole roast hens, wedges and bread rolls with apple danishes for dessert.

The host revved us up by teaching us a few chants such as huzzah so we could cheer our particular king on. Oh, yeah. Each area of the hall was allocated a particular country – we were in Hungary. Then as the eight kings came out we ended up being their personal cheering squad. As Glenda pointed out later, it actually made the whole thing more fun because you had a vested interest in your guy winning.

Anyhow – the show included jousting, swordplay, mace and flail fighting, javelin throwing and even a coronation at the end when the prince had to take his late father’s throne. Horses, maidens and tumbling men added to the whole medieval show and it ended with a bang of fireworks. Everyone loved every minute of it (except for the final seconds for Ashleigh as the last firework explosion was accompanied by a bang louder than any other).

After the show I saw an arcade game I thought I could do well at. It was one of those "catch the ball" style things but it was calling out to me, so I plonked down my $2 and had a go. I got a perfect 6 out of 6 which meant that I won a giant stuffed flying dragon – think the great-grandfather of the one I won for Ashleigh earlier in the day. The kids traded in their coupons for a couple of cheap baubles and we were away back home.

Best day of the week, easy.

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