Family US Holiday – Day 6 – Buy, buy, buy!

Today was a pretty easy day. All we did was sleep in, then catch the shuttle out to the Riviera for lunch, taxied to the Premium Outlet Stores north of the Strip, shopped for a few hours, then headed back down to Circus Circus for a buffet dinner and finally back to the hotel.

Of course, shopping for a few hours is always dangerous to the wallet in our family, and today was not going to be the exception. First stop was the K&B Toy outlet store where Jacob hoped to find a few things he’d seen advertised on TV here. Unfortunately he didn’t find any of them but we still managed to get a few odds and ends for both kids including these cool toothbrushes we’d seen earlier that day on TV.

They play music for two minutes – the recommended time for brushing your teeth – as long as you are pushing the bristles against your teeth and gums with enough pressure. Jacob got Queen’s We Will Rock You, while Ashleigh score a song from her current favourite movie, High School Musical. The toothbrushes even send the vibrations through the bristles so you can feel the song against your gums. A good incentive for the kids to brush their teeth! 🙂

Next stop was the Disney outlet store. We figured that we might be able to grab a couple of things discounted from the full prices we expect to see in Disney World itself. What we didn’t expect to find was bucketloads of good quality Disney t-shirts for only $5 each. We bought Ashleigh a little Disney Princess digital camera as well as getting shirts for all four of us.

Next was an ice cream stop, followed by a quick browse through several luggage shops, finally settling on a bright lime green carry-all bag that can also be pulled along on wheels. We needed a little more luggage space for all the stuff we’d bought and this looked like it might be big enough for now.

Final store was the Levis outlet. Here I managed to get a pair of Levis for $29 in a style I liked, and more importantly, a length that actually fit me. One reason I love coming to the US is that they sell their jeans by not only waist size but also leg length, so today I was able to get some jeans that not only fit me around the middle, but also wouldn’t drag along the ground.

The Circus Circus buffet was pretty ordinary compared to the gem we found at the Excalibur yesterday, but it was acceptable. A few arcade games and then it was time for home.

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