Family US Holiday – Day 10 – Whoops! Slept in

We intended today to be a big day at Epcot, but it didn’t quite get as large as we expected due to the fact that we… slept in…

So, before I go on, here’s a few shots from our room. Those things you can see beyond the balcony are the rooftops of Downtown Disney. The white one is Cirque du Soleil, the blue one is DisneyQuest. 


Room with a view

Anyhow – we eventually did get going, and got to Epcot sometime after lunch time so first stop was to grab something to eat and then figure out what to do. The one thing I really wanted us to go on as a family was Test Track but because of the recent rain earlier in the day, it was closed.

We decided to do the Seas with Nemo, but on the way discovered a character meeting spot so detoured for a little while, while the kids got some more autographs and photos.


Character photos  

The Seas with Nemo was a pretty cool ride where you sat in a clam shell and rode around watching video screens set in various props and environments. It was cool because the stuff felt real and it looked like Nemo and friends were almost there. The final couple of "scenes" were especially cool because the cartoon characters were somehow projected into the real aquarium tanks, with the result being that it looked like they were swimming with the other fish.

The rest of the Sea part of Epcot was made up of various aquariums and fact finding rooms. I took a heap of photos of a tank of "Nemo fish" – not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

One of many photos of many clownfish 

Another discovery we made was that Kidcot has been extended from its original to include Tomorrowland. Last time we came, Kidcot was an exercise that had the kids troop around the different countries in the World Showcase, collecting little trinkets. That one is still going, but now there’s one that spans the different areas of Tomorrowland including The Sea, The Land, Test Track and both Innovention Halls. It’s good because it gets the kids moving. 🙂

We went through both Innovention Halls; Jacob and I did a really interesting "ride" that had you finding the potential fire risks in different rooms in a house. It was really quite educational and Jacob loved it. In the other Innovention Hall, both kids and I – all right, all three of us kids – participated in the plastic robot challenge where you learn about different types of plastic, build your own plastic robot that you can take home with you and play an interactive video game where your on-screen robot mimics your own steps. Ashleigh came second in the race, while Jacob came third (they came one, two in the same order for "robot style", which Ashleigh was particularly impressed with).

After that it was a mad scramble over to Norway and the Princess dinner. The food was great but most of the princesses were pretty ordinary; certainly not the most exciting representations of their kinds that we’ve seen, but still kept Ashleigh very happy.


The best of an ordinary bunch 

Last stop was Soarin’, a ride that makes you feel like you’re in a massive hang glider, flying over various locales. It works by using an IMAX-like screen, combined with gentle motion, wind and even scents, to make you feel like you’re really there. It was one of the rides Glenda was most looking forward to and she had a great time.


These two pics were taken within a minute of each other – great timing

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