Family US Holiday – Day 12 – Off to the movies

Sorry about the delay in updates – no internet on the cruise and then we were relaxing at Animal Kingdom. Most of these updates will be from home. They’ve all been partially written; just need polishing and photo selections. 🙂

Today we set off for Disney-MGM Studios, Disney’s movie based theme park. It was incredibly hot and I was wilting within minutes of getting off the bus, but there was no rest for the wicked, because just as we arrived they started gathering people up for the High School Musical Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally is one of the latest attractions at MGM and given its origins, people knowing my daughter’s passionate fanaticism for the High School Musical will be unsurprised to hear that we just HAD to watch this one. So, we lined up dutifully behind the barrier in the glaring sun until the troupe of singers and dancers positioned themselves in front of the hat. We were then rewarded for our heated patience by ushers directing us to a front row seat right in the middle of the audience.

The Pep Rally was excellent

I have to admit that Disney surprised me yet again with a high quality performance, with all of the performers exhibiting a huge amount of energy (particularly with how wilted we were feeling just sitting there watching!) throughout the 15 minute show. About half a dozen songs were performed from the original HSM movie with a small amount of audience involvement in the basketball-themed Getcha Head in the Game. The singing was above average and the choreography was solid. One song they also got the audience up and amongst the dancers to learn the moves. All up, it definitely was worth catching and Ashleigh had yet another "magical" moment for her holiday.

We didn’t really do a lot here because I was just dying from the heat, but we still managed to catch a couple of shows, including the impressive Indiana Jones Stunt Show and the revealing Narnia display that discussed the next movie in the series. We also got some more character shots and the day parade both of which include characters that are exclusive to MGM’s park area. These included Star Wars, Mary Poppins, The Incredibles (with Frozone in attendance as well) and the latest Disney kids movie Ratatouille.

Some parade shots

On the way home we walked a different way around Saratoga Springs and discovered a great view over to Downtown Disney only a few minutes away from where we were staying. It’s amazing to see how Disney put down massive resorts and locales so close to each other but at the same time somehow manage to keep them isolated and not impacting on the ambience of the others.

More from the parade

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