The generosity of strangers

Sometimes it is really encouraging to see how people come together from around the world, even in really simple things, that result in a great impact.
This year, my niece had some problems with her birthday party. Basically, none of her friends could make it to the party at all,  which was pretty tough to take for a young girl.
My sister in law mentioned the situation to some of her friends who volunteered to send her a birthday card in the mail, just to show her she was special no matter what. Tonight we were all together as an extended family to celebrate her birthday as well as Ashleigh’s and out came a bag of mail, all for my niece.
From all over the country and even overseas, she received more than 22 pieces of mail and apparently more is on its way. All of them are from straners who have never met her but wanted to say happy birthday to a special little girl. And it’s not just birthday cards – there are at least three packages, two of them sent Express Post so that they would arrive in time, containing various gifts. The cards aren’t all just simple Happy Birthdays either – a number of them have lengthy encouraging messages too.
Pretty awesome, I say.
It’s unlikely that any of these people will ever see my blog, but just in case – thanks heaps, it really made her night.
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