Technological Advances

Last night we went live with the new Readify website. It all went really smoothly and it’s working really well, but the experience of deployment was the real joy for me.

There were three of us involved (four if you count Darren popping in to say hi), all in different capital cities (well, for the pedantic, Paul was in Adelaide, Chris in Melbourne and I’m on Central Coast, NSW).

As the evening progressed, it really brought home to me the joy of modern technology. For the duration of the deployment, we had a Skype session running as a conference call as well as Microsoft SharedView so we could see everything that was going on in the multiple servers that host our site and data.

We also used Office Communicator as well, but found that Skype actually worked a lot better for the conference call aspect (heh, at one point Paul and I were using Communicator for one VOIP call and he and Chris were on Skype on another).

Ten years ago, I couldn’t have dreamed that this kind of experience would be a commonplace event. Even five years ago, when I was actively involved in IT journalism, I wouldn’t have predicted that using these technologies would have been so easy.

Having email, mobile phone and internet technology, VOIP, shared session software and more, all at your fingertips means working for a virtual organisation such as Readify is no worse than working for a bricks-and-mortar company, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a much better experience.

I remember deploying a new version of an application – around 12 years ago – where three of us on the team had to camp out at a Data Centre at Ryde, wait ’til midnight for our 15 minute window where we could run a set of JCL to get the new app up off the ground, test it manually, make the changes and monitoring – all on site in the remote office. Then repeat this process for a full week running until it was fully integrated and set up.

Here I am, effectively doing the same thing, but on a tiny laptop, with the rest of my team scattered around Australia and no one physically next to the servers themselves. The only thing missing to show how truly advanced we are in using technology would be if one of us was out and about using 3G mobile internet.

I love working for Readify. πŸ™‚

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    I do too

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