Why I Love Doing What I Do – Part 1

You know – I love working for Readify. That might sound either:

  1. completely and utterly geeky – you say "love working for an IT company? Wouldn’t you rather be…?"
  2. completely and utterly marketing cr*p – you say "but you’re the Marketing Manager for Readify – you HAVE to say you love it, don’t you?"

If you’re thinking along either of those lines, my response is no, you’re wrong. I love working for Readify, not because it’s geeky (although that’s probably true about most of ’em) or because I’m the marketing "guy", but because of the stuff we’re constantly doing to innovate and reach out to the community at all levels.

I’ll blog about some of the other things in a later post, but this one is all about Imagine Cup. For those that don’t know, Imagine Cup is the world’s biggest technical competition for students. It’s run by Microsoft and seeks out student teams to enter in a range of categories. Each country determines their top team and sends them off somewhere around the globe to compete against the other top teams. Next year, it’s headed to France.

I’ve always been a supporter of Imagine Cup – when I was a journalist and editor of IT publications, I thought it was cool and definitely newsworthy, and now, as a member of a top IT company, I still feel the same. It gives students a great opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially find great job opportunities too.

In fact, at Readify we have two members of a previous winning team, and with their skill, dedication and enthusiasm they fit right in.

But that’s not why I’m blogging about it. This year, Readify is not only vocally supporting Imagine Cup, we’re going an extra step and sponsoring the local Australian competition. How are we doing that? Well, the top three teams (and a team can be up to 4 individuals, so that’s potentially a sizable number of people) will be offered short term contracts in our Development Centre, working alongside industry-recognised experts, using the latest Microsoft technologies, and generally being able to strut their stuff. If they gel with the company and show themselves to have the energy and commitment to excellence we look for, they have the chance of being asked to come on full time.

That’s pretty darned good, if you ask me. We’ll also be supporting the winning team with advice from our previous Imagine Cup team members and even tips from a previous judge on what to work towards in their hopes of becoming the Imagine Cup World Champion next year.

THAT’S why I love working for Readify.

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