So I want learn to teach?

I got confirmation a few weeks back that my application to study for a Graduate Diploma in Education was successful, so I’m headed back to university to do some more learning… Learning to teach; it even sounds cool.
For the last 6 or 7 years I’ve found that my passion has revealed itself in helping others get enthusiastic about technology in all its forms. It’s what drove me to get involved in journalism, to write more than a dozen books, start a website dedicated to helping parents understand the value of computing and gaming and why I love talking to my family members who are already teachers (mum, sister, cousins).
So, I finally realised that the next logical step to fueling that passion would be to learn to teach. I can’t think of too much that would be more fulfilling than being there to encourage someone who is "getting it" in regards to technology for the first time. So, I want to know the processes behind that; how the institutions themselves put in place a process to educate kids.
I’m doing it at UNE (Armidale) by distance education and it’s going to take 2 years (less if I can somehow swing it – the main problem will be the 2 x 4 week pracs and getting time off work), and at the end of that I’ll be qualified to teach Computing, Business Studies (and if I do an extra subject, Mathematics) for years 7-12. I even got confirmation from NSW Department of Education that I will indeed be qualified based on my previous degree and this one, so I’m feeling pretty pumped.
I’m not necessarily saying I’m going to go into high school teaching – but understanding how schools and teachers work from that different "insider’s" perspective will help me to reach out to them regardless of where I end up.
So now I’m just waiting for the initial batch of materials so I know what I’m up for this semester. Can’t wait. 🙂
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16 Responses to So I want learn to teach?

  1. Darren says:

    Congratulations Andrew.
    But, if it makes you feel better, I just got my books and course folder for the course that I\’m doing this year.  A *lot* of reading lies ahead!  I have to read 4 topic sections and 3 chapters by next Friday (the first of a 2 day, all day intensive)!
    I\’m doing 2 subjects in the first trimester and it was interesting drawing up a calendar of my next 3 months, including:
    * The lectures that I have to attend
    * The days of study that I have to do in-between lecture days
    * Hockey trainings (start in February)
    …and then to overlay that with things like the 3 day RDN roadtrip, a trip to the US (MVP Summit), and any work trips that will also be required.
    Busy – but exciting – times ahead 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    Congratulations Andrew. I know that this means a lot to you and i have recently seen evidence to demonstrate you are an absolute natural.Do with this education what ever you choose, but you should know that your passion will be appreciated.

  3. Trish says:

    Well done! Exciting times ahead indeed. When you told me this is what you wanted to do, I thought it was a perfect fit for someone of your interests and talents. Keep us posted!

  4. keith says:

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