Glad it was easy…

…you know the type – you buy something that has mostly print of an Asian origin on the outside of a plain brown box and you’re thinking, "I wonder if I’m going to have trouble putting this together?"

Fortunately, this time around, the item in question was a simple dog fence enclosure and so just required each of the panels to be pinned together.

Here is the complete set of English instructions (including grammar, punctuation, etc):

Installment Instructions of

I. Materials Available:

6 iron nets;
6 iron sticks .

II. Steps:

  1. Note: it must be horizontally toward outside.
  2. Join front net together with right one,and fix with iron sticks up and down.
  3. Join left net together with front one,fix with iron sticks up and down.
  4. The pet cage is made.

Fortunately, I don’t think I need to know the name of the product I’m "installing" – phew. However, the thing that’s got me wondering is step one – I can’t for the life of me figure out what they were intending, even with the benefit of a black and white photo accompanying the step which seems to feature someone’s hand, index finger outstretched and touching the cage.

And step four – love it – "the pet cage is made"… So I’ve joined the "front net" to the "right net" and the "left net" to the "front net"… what the heck are these other three nets for? The pet cage is made already, so can’t be for that. hmm…

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