Copyright means nothing revisited

About this time last year I added a blog post about concerns of plagiarism. I was feeling particularly sensitive over it because I have experienced this myself (to be clear, not with the website in question though). Anyhow, a kind soul pointed me to last night’s MediaWatch episode where they outed the same site I blogged about.

I’m writing this in the interests of fair play on both sides – if the owner of the site in question is being honest about what’s been happening, then apologies go to him. Although the question remains that since many people have publicly commented on this seemingly common practice over at this website, why was it not until mid-February 2008, and by an independent, external company, that the problem was "discovered"?


As I said – if he has been unfairly done by through some dastardly means for some nefarious purpose – I feel for him and his company. However, it’s for you to make up your own mind.

In case the page is removed (as was the one in the original blog post), here are some screenshots.


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