Good Game – Monday night – don’t miss it!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a giggle at my expense.

ABC’s Good Game came up to interview me about video gaming for the younger audience. We talked for quite a while and I reckon they walked away with over an hour’s footage of just me answering questions, plus more background stuff – Ashleigh playing DS, me "working", etc. There are a number of angles they could take with my interview – pure parent, mix of parent and journalist, gaming totally rocks for young kids, being cautious about gaming, all sorts of stuff.

For a 5 minute piece, it’ll be interesting to see where we end up. πŸ™‚

Well, I guess if you miss it, it’ll be OK. ABC are good at making sure you get their info and Good Game are no exception. Not only will it be broadcast on ABC-2 on Monday night, but they’ll re-air it on Friday night on ABC(-1), and also publish it for streaming and download on the Good Game website:

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