See, it’s like this…

I like to think of myself as someone who is from a more modern generation than the one I was born into. I prefer to multi-task, I like change and am visual-spatial in the way I approach stuff. I like mobile phones, online messaging clients, email and Facebook. I Twitter, blog, run a website, run multiple messaging clients, have umpteen million email accounts.

But despite my love of all this, sometimes I just need to switch it all off and have some "alone time" with just me and a good book or game.

And I notice that from time to time, I’ll go dark in one or more areas as my focus on the day to day of being a salariman and father, an active member of my church and a friend and brother to my family. So, currently it has been my blog. Oh, I’ve been alive and well on the Intarweb – Twitter has been very active and GAMEparents has been a "return to joy" experience for me. Those who email me have been getting (as far as I can tell) quicker responses, and Facebook’s been getting a small look-in too. But the blog has suffered.

(Last year it was GAMEparents, and I’m now finding that as much as I’m loving writing for it again – yes! I’m enjoying writing! – I have to build back up a bit of trust factor with some of my audience because I let it slide for so long. On one level, that’s fine – GAMEparents was always a passion for me and it’s something I’ll continue to do for a long time yet – but on the other I feel for those people who liked coming to the site for regular updates on stuff they could get for themselves or their kids. Am I going to have to do the same with my blog?)

So, unlike today’s generation, which truly does multi-task and seemingly can’t operate without doing multiple things at once, maybe I was born just that little bit too early and don’t have the right gene to be able to keep up with everything all at once.

Or maybe it’s just that there are too many ways to communicate.

Oh, and I got a Distinction for my first assignment – W00T!

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