I enjoy my TV but the networks? Dunno about that

(just a quick rant because I’m tired)

Sometimes I really scratch my head over network decisions about what shows get renewed or cancelled each season. Of course, most of the time I have to simply shrug it off and figure that I’m different from the majority but looking at the survey www.tv.com is currently running, I don’t think that’s the case.

Of course, there are some unsurprising stats – Heroes has been renewed by NBC and has the support of about 82% of the voting public, as does the renewed Chuck with 76% support. Similarly, ABC has got the support of 85% of voters for its renewal of Lost and 3 out of 4 are glad Grey’s Anatomy is coming back.

Interestingly, the three most overwhelmingly supported renewals all come from FOX – House with 90% approval rating, Prison Break with 93% and "24" with an amazing 99% supporter versus non-supporter ratio (This is personally interesting, because I find FOX the network hardest to understand in its programming decisions).

However, all of these networks, along with CBS who I’m leaving ’til last because they don’t look aligned with those people who show an interest in what airs on the small screen, appear to be incredibly hit and miss with the voting viewing public. Take a look at some of these percentages for shows being cancelled. The percentage is the number of voters who indicated that they thought the network was wrong in cancelling the show:


  • Journeyman – 70%
  • Bionic Woman – 75%
  • Las Vegas – 85%


  • Men In Trees – 67%
  • Women’s Murder Club – 68%


  • New Amsterdam – 78%

Before I reveal some of the odd stats for CBS, the one network that seems to have got it right is The CW. Everything they renewed this year has great approval ratings, with Supernatural winning out with 89%, while viewers are accepting of the ones they chose to can.

So, CBS… this is where traditional marketing seems to not quite fall in line with reality of the people who care.

While the "old favourites" all got renewed with very low approval ratings, newer shows have been given the boot. CSI Miami continues to live on despite only 56% approval, Without a Trace is sitting at 66% and CSI New York at 68%, but the big whopper is Survivor which has more people saying it should die now than the number of viewers saying bring it on (approval rating of only 47%).

Compare this with Jericho receiving a 92% "boo rating" for being canned. It just makes you scratch your head and wonder what the heck is going on.

And then I caught sight of Moonlight. At the time I wrote this blog post, it has received 261,000 votes (the most I saw on any one show) from viewers obviously very upset about CBS not renewing this great vampire drama for a second season. CBS are facing a 97% rejection rating for  this decision. To me, that sounds like a bad one.

Now, obviously the caveat is, that this is only a survey, and a survey of people who know about and frequent www.tv.com. However, I would argue that these people are key influencers with their friends and families, so it’s hard to tell where the numbers lead.

All I know is that I’m with most of the voting trends, and in particular, I’m most unhappy about Moonlight. Bring back Mick and Beth!

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One Response to I enjoy my TV but the networks? Dunno about that

  1. Unknown says:

    There is currently an enormous fan effort out there to encourage another network to pick up the show.
    You can find more information on this effort by going to both http://www.moonlightline.com and http://www.moonlight-united.com
    In vampire solidarity,
    (562) 256-0910

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