Relieving Stress

At the moment I’m in a bit of a bind. After a week of being really ill, I’m now on top of the world physically, but faced with crunch time in both work and study. Work is awesome – we’re up to the final phases of the new Pro .NET 3.5 course thanks to a bunch of guys working with me and it’s looking really sweet. In a week or two it’ll be done bar a full run through to find any continuity or timing problems.

So the only real problem is that I set myself a deadline for this Friday for a bunch of things, and while most of them are going to be hit, I might not get everything done that I wanted to.

So, how would I relieve this stress?

Rock Band sessions every second day for about an hour. Banging on those drums lets a lot of tension out. It’s great.

Of course, that leads me into the second set of stress. My last major assignment for this term is due on Friday (yeah, in two days) and I have done about 10% of it. My only exam for the term is on Tuesday morning (yeah, in five days) and I haven’t had time to study except do some brainstorming.

So, how would I relieve this stress?

You’d be half right if you said Rock Band but if I played Rock Band that much then I wouldn’t get anything done. πŸ™‚

No, instead of doing that, I thought I’d get humourous with an online activity that we were required to do for one of my subjects. Mind you, I haven’t encountered a funny bone in this particular lecturer so I have no idea whether it will go down well or not, but I had to do something to make me smile or I might even think about doing some manly crying. And of course, the activity didn’t actually call for humour, so it will be interesting to see what happens when she reads what looks like a comedy TV script instead of a serious critique of an assessment task plan.

And yes, the Rock Band sessions need to continue – particularly at the moment with the weather being so wet. Giving up that small amount of time would mean I don’t have down time that my brain needs to not think. And I think that, rather than adding to my stress level because it’s taking away time from what I could/should be doing, it’s helping the stress levels go down, or at least maintain some equilibrium.

So, here’s hoping that:

  • I can balance work’s scheduled 8 hours a day with getting everything done that I’d hoped,
  • with an hour or two a day for the next week for both assignment and exam prep that still allows me enough time to get the assignment submitted on time and the amount of info I need for the exam crammed into my brain,
  • some down time to wash the stress out,
  • some decent family time with not just my wife and kids but the whole family (oh, did I mention that they’re coming up this weekend? Nope – just something else for me to do!),
  • church and home group,
  • and still have time to sleep!

Hmm… wonder why I think I have time to blog? πŸ˜‰

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