Does Twitter change the way I communicate? “News versus Features”

Without a doubt, yes. And whether it’s Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed or some other derivative branch off the same trunk, I think it’s hard not to be affected by its inclusion in your communications with people.

A little over a week ago I posted a couple of blog entries I’d been thinking about for a little while. They were just opinion piece/rant kind of things, the sort of stuff that personal blogs are made of. If you’re interested in me, you might come and read my blog and get something out of it. If you’re not, you’re not.

Around the same time, my daughter did extremely well in her latest gymnastics competition. In fact, she came second overall at a prestigious invitational, with a first in one of the individual events, and a second in the other two individuals. For Glenda’s (my wife) benefit – I was (and still am) completely 110% proud and impressed that she did so well. She’s been working hard, training many hours every week and she finally got a pay off and I am incredibly happy for her (there’s nothing like that feeling of joy knowing your child is happy for something they did well).

But I digress.

The point I was going to make was that Glenda pointed out that I hadn’t blogged about my daughter doing extremely well. She had a point – I hadn’t. Twelve months ago, I’m pretty sure I would have, but at this point I didn’t. Why not? I think it was the fact that as soon as I knew she’d done well, I’d tweeted about it. I then followed this up with a second tweet with more details and then a little bit later with a twitpic of her holding her medal and ribbons.

In this instance, I see Twitter as kind of like my personal news service, delivering up to the minute news about what’s happening in my life, while the blog is more like the magazine you might read on the weekend. To me, it was important to shout to the world (or at least those in the world that show an interest in what I’m doing) that I was proud of my little girl and the fastest way to get the news out was to tweet it. And once the news was out, the pressure wasn’t there to write up a blog post about it. After all, most of the people who read my blog regularly also read my Twitter feed. They already knew how I felt about her – I even got some very quick "congrats!" tweets back at me.


So, do I need to blog about that circumstance? I don’t think I do any more. It’s news, not a feature article.

A feature article would be me talking about my daughter’s long suffering commitment to training in all types of gymnastics, the multiple days a week she goes to practice and training, the many competitions she has attended. It would talk about how proud I am to be her dad, how it makes me feel all mushy inside when I see her beaming after doing well, and taking it stoically when she doesn’t; how it breaks my heart when her legs are cramping up when she’s trying to get to sleep because she’s pushed herself a little bit too hard.

Every time I see my daughter, my heart lifts a little (or sometimes, a lot!). She is definitely a gift from God for me. In her words, I love her a million love hearts. In mine, I love her even more than that.

Oh, and my son is pretty darned cool too, you know. I don’t get to talk about him as much because he doesn’t do all the flash, but AndyPuppyJnr is an awesome young man – maturing all the time and just being Mr Awesome. He’s loving and caring and loves to be around me and Glenda and his sister. I give him a tougher time than I should, for which I am truly sorry because I love him very much and am so glad that he’s like me in so many ways.

Oh, and to keep my wife happy – AndyPuppyJnr, you rock for doing so well in your Gold Rush assignment! 95%? Fantastic, little buddy!

So if you’re interested in the more "newsy" side of things – check out my twitter feed – Otherwise, feel free to stay tuned here – just realise you may not find out what I had for breakfast! 😉

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