Congratulations Team SOAK!

Imagine Cup is an awesome competition run by Microsoft, and open to university students world wide. Every year, students can enter one of half a dozen or more categories to show how they can innovate on a theme. This year, the company I work for – Readify – sponsored the Australian arm of Imagine Cup, promising internships to the top three teams in the Software Development and Design category.

It turned out  that one of the finalists already worked for us, so we had to bow out of the judging of the local comp so that there was no bias, but despite that, Team SOAK, the team with the Readifian, won the Australian competition and headed to France.

The news has just come in – and I mean, JUST – the announcement was made 10 minutes ago in Paris and it was twittered immediately by multiple people – that Team SOAK has won the worldwide competition, beating out some stiff opposition from all corners of the globe.

And not only did they win their category – which is quite simply, an AWESOME achievement – but they also won the Innovation Accelerator award which sends them to the US for a two week business training trip to capitalise on their amazing creation.

Team SOAK built a system that monitors and maintains water usage for farmers and has garnered immense interest from government, non-profit organisations and farmers all over the country, and it’s such a pleasure to know the four keen, young and bright minds who came up with the concept and were able to push it through to such an awesome world stage.

All accounts from Paris say that their presentation got better in every round, and they won the hearts and minds of their competitors and other attendees at the big student gathering.

Way to go Team SOAK – you did an amazing job and you deserve to have the congratulations.

You know – it’s amazing to think that half the world away you can get such immediate information. Thanks to @Rog42, @DavidBurela and @longzheng for keeping us all up to date with what was going on in Paris.


An official link to the winners list for all categories:

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