Life goes on…

So my life at Microsoft has been a bit of a whirlwind but everyone warned me that it would happen so I was kind of prepared. It’s a fantastic experience meeting faculty and students and talking technology and all the cool stuff we’re doing to help students get exposed to it as deeply as possible.

One of the things I’ve had to do is take some students over to Redmond in the US for a student conference called Student Daze (you can check out more info on that over at my Microsoft blog – I’ve only been here a week and head home tonight, but it’s a reminder that life just goes on regardless of where you are.

In that week, I’ve learnt that both my sister-in-law and my cousin have had their babies. All are healthy and well and my whole family is excited about the two new additions (one of each too).

At the same time, one of my dogs decided it was time to make a power play on the matriarch of the pack and left the latter with wounds that required five stitches to sew up and a decidedly more fragile demeanour.

This in addition to the normal day-to-day of school dramas, and other home-life things that pop up regularly.

This isn’t an isolated experience. Both of my wife’s parents passed on separate occasions while I was travelling overseas.

Life does indeed go on without waiting for you to be ready for it.

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